Our Story

Our ecolog This ecolog was initially built by my grandma (madarjoon) and granddad with the help of the builder. The land was purchased by my dad's parents from my mom's parents before my parents were even born. My grandma and granddad were promised each other in marriage when they were 13 years old and were married when they were 20 when they gathered enough money to have a wedding in 1950. My grandparents built the house in 1956 with the help of 2 builders, zakaria Mohammed and moor Ali agha. His name translates directly to blind mr Ali as he wore an eye patch. The house is slightly crooked because one of the builders only had one eye.

Our Resturant

Our dishes are made with local produce and many of our ingredients are organic. Some of the herbs used in our dishes are only found in the northern maintains of shomal pastes and hams are made here in our own kitchen when the produce is in season. Most importantly, our food is made with love with recipes from our mothers, passed on from their mothers.

Our Rooms

Our ecologe Our ecologe Khoone madarjoon is nestled amongst beautiful trees and bushland on top of a heel in the small village known as chalkosh. The ecologe enjoys views of the Caspian Sea and the snow capped Alborz mountains. The house itself was built by my grandparents over 50 years ago and has been heritage listed by the Iranian tourism board. Khoone madarjoon is a cob house made of mud and hay which were the traditional materials used at the time. There are 3 bedrooms and large balcony overlooking the Caspian Sea across 80 square meters. Khoone madarjoon is located 15 kilometers from the sea side town of Tonekabon and 20 kilometers from Ramsar and the nearest airport in the north of Iran. We let the bedrooms separately.Our accommodation includes a shared bathroom and shower, you can also rent the house for your own exclusive use. Our room rates include a full traditional breakfast,lunch and dinner.