Room #1 The Newlyweds suite
This room was dedicated to the newly engaged and married children of the family. The eldest daughter, Shary and her fiancé Hadi were the first couple to stay here 53 years ago, followed by the remaining five children. Two of the sons lived here for a few years before building and moving to their own homes. Morteza and Tahere were the last newlyweds to live here, Marjan and Nooshin, their first 2 daughters both lived in this room. Hadi planted the large palm next to Madarjoon’s house in 1965 as his love tree to Shary. To this day Shary rememberers Hadi every time she sees this tree.
Room #2 The Family Room
This was the main family room with access to the attic where Madarjoon kept all her food, goodies and treasures from the naughty grandchildren. This is where the family slept until the kids got older and a third room was added. This was Madarjoons favourite room and where she lived in her later years.
Room #3 The love Room
This was the pretty room dedicated to the visitors of the house and was always kept clean and ready for the many people that visited. Neighbors, aunts, uncles and cousins were regular visitors and this house was filled with love and laughter. This room witnessed five marriage ceremonies including Marjan’s.
Our ecologe Khoone madarjoon is nestled among beautiful trees and bushland en top of an heel in the small village known as chalkosh. The ecolog enjoys views the Caspian sea and the snow capped Alborz mountains. The house itself was built by my grandparents over 50 years ago and has been heritage listed by the Iranian tourism board. Khoone madarjoon is a cob house made of mud and hay which were the traditional materials used at the time. There are 3 bedrooms and large balcony overlooking the Caspian sea across 80 square meters. Khoone madarjoon is located 15 kilometers from the seaside town of Tonekabon and 20 kilometers from Ramsar and the nearest airport in north of Iran. We let the bedrooms separately.Our accommodation includes a shared bathroom and shower, you can also rent the house for your own exclusive use. Our room rates include a full traditional breakfast,lunch and dinner.